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I’m pansexual amd aromantic, and the reason I don’t want to come out isn’t because I’m afraid or lack the confidence, but because i don’t want people to think of me as that pansexual girl, and just that. I don’t want people to treat me like I’m made of glass because I’m LGBT+, and worship me because I “had the guts to come out”. This is what happens at my school. Everyone that identifies as LGBT is in their own separate clique, is part of GSA (gay straight alliance), and announced whenever they can that they or someone they know is LGBT+. I don’t want my sexual orientation to be such a huge deal and part of my identity. This is similar to how gender or race shouldn’t be a huge part of who we are, and how those features shouldn’t affect as to how people are treated. I just want to live a normal life, and love who I want without shallow people saying stuff like “I’m so proud that you came out”, “yas queen”, “slay”, or “you go girl”, because people say this kind of bullshit all the time. It’s driving me up the wall, and I feel that I can’t let anyone else know about this.

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  • Then set aside the drama about Not Coming Out and move on with your life! There are many ways to define who you are. You say you're not into the shallow posing. If you mean that, then shut up about it and turn your focus to something productive. You sound like you prefer to do things your way. That's good. Do so without falling into the far too common trap of Telling the World That You Do Things Your Way (aka "shallow posing"). Don't dream it, be it ;)

  • That's an inevitable part of living in a society that is so weird about s3x that everyone constantly obsesses about it. Look at this site! People come here to sometimes confess, sometimes make up stories and pretend they're getting so much more than they really are, yet the site itself is so prude you can't even spell the word without asterisks appearing. This site is our society in a nutshell.

    Staying away from the edgelords is a very good idea, though. Anyone who makes their identity all about which kinds of g3nitals they like to lick are usually three gallons of crazy in a two-gallon bucket.

  • Be yourself princess and those that are dont accept are ignorant and don't deserve too be in your life. I'm a mother with five kids and love them equally and uncondisanley and they could do nothing to stop me loveing them hun. Hugs angel doll.

  • If you want to be open about it but decide against it to avoid the repercussions, then you're allowing your actions to be controlled by theirs. Or to put it another way, staying in the closet because others will raise you up is fundamentally similar to staying in the closet because others will put you down. Just do what you know is right, and learn to ignore the reactions of others.

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