One day , my sister in law Cherry and her father visited to give care to my kids.Cherry has a boyfriend who works on a ship.She wants love and tender touch and she was always on line with her guy. But I know she has stimulation but not real touch.
One night, when I came back from work, she opened the door and gave her hand to me to get my bag.I touched her soft hand and became thunder bold with her touch. I intentionally hold her hands and she didn't withdraw her hands. Then I grapped her bulky arms and gave her tender message. She felt hesitated but I noticed a strange pleasure in her eyes. So I shut the door , switched off lingt while holding her arms in my hands.Then I didn't waste my time and embraced her in my arms , touched her b****** with hers and kissed her lips hungrily.
We had not noticed how long it take in the darkness and I found myself half naked on her and my c*** touching and pressing her wet and hot p**** and my lips licking her exciting and bulky breast that had never been touched by her boyfriend. Then we shared open se x in the living room and we f***** for 45 minutes until my fluid passed into her wonderful womb. She moaned. I moaned and we felt asleep for a while. Then we departed with some satisfaction and then we made dating on line and made love in the inn asthe conditions favored.
She is my love Cherry.

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  • Haha so her bf never touched her b***?!!!!
    Wonderful womb
    I'm done šŸ˜…

  • I am a woman, I agree with the two comments posted. This sounds ridiculous especially when it's impossible to comprehend what the h*** you're talking about. Try again, in English.

  • This is the stupidest thing i've ever read

  • "grapped her bulky arms" "bulky b******" "fluid passed into her wonderful womb" "we shared open s**"... Dude, none of this is remotely sexy.

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