For quite awhile now I have been aware of our neighbor watching me as I sun bather along side our pool , walking about our back yard and even watching me undress in my room, The room he's in is dark but the glow of his cigarette gives him away.
I'm 19 and I think he's about 40 or older and quite a hunk to boot.
I guess secretly I want to tease him but That's about it, as far as coming down to doing anything with him I don't know but last night I got carrtied away a bit.
It all started in when I saw him watching me while I was sun bathing I was home alone and I was wearing the little string bikini that I bout on sale at years end last year and it didn't cover much but being I was laying on my stomach I didn't care. My head tilted facing him but my eyes mostly closed I could see the words WOW formed by his lips which he promptly licked, couldn't see his hands but I could tell perhaps he was rubbing himself looking at me and it was getting to me a bit knowing he was getting aroused just looking at me I started to get up but without thinking I didn't tie my top back up and my top fell to the ground and as I stooped to get it I fell to the ground and he was right there at my side offering his helping hand I didn't know what to do I extended my hand and he helped me up but for some reason I was dizzy, the heat or what I don't know but he knew I was and didn't release my hand but steadied me as I got myself together still my top was laying at my feet and I made no effort to hid myself from him he reached down picked up my top and offered it to me yet his eyes were stripping me of what remaining clothes I had on me and I felt hotter than h***. His hand took hold of my hip and he led me to the chase lounger and sat me down and told me to stay there till I felt better still I'm topless and I made no effort to hide myself, what was the use now anyway.
I sat there and he stood before me and then he said "you sure have beautiful perky t****** there girl" That took me by surprise and he went on saying that he loved watching me change clothes, dress, and had visions about him and I making love I got embarrassed and tried to not show it but it also aroused me to no end and I felt myself getting wetter by the minute and he continued to say what he'd love doing to me and I didn't stop him. I wanted to for I guess my sake but I wanted to hear everything.
Heard Dad's truck coming up the driveway and he left and I tied my top on quickly and layed down on the chase lounger on my stomach and everything that Ron was telling me was going through my head. That night Yes I saw the glow of his smoke so I gave him a good show. Didn't really mean to but I layed there on top of my bed facing him and masturbated and made myself c** 4 times. Now what goes thru my head is did I go to far, what's going to happen tomorrow, I'm going to be home along from 630 in the morning till probably midnight. I wonder and I fell asleep and Ron was still watching me.

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  • If this was real it would be really hot but certain details give it away that this is a fake made up story. That's all there is on this website anymore. People posting their self-written erotica as "real stories guys!" Come on.

  • I am 26 and divorced. Woman next door is 30 and divorced. Our bedroom windows face each other and are about 10 feet apart. We both played the game of nonchalantly undressing with the blinds open and lights on for around 3 months. Well, we are now having s**. Guess we could have saved each other a lot of time by just getting together and telling each other what we really had in mind. But, it was erotic at first by teasing each other.

  • Girl bye

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