Forever torn

I just got out of what my friends called a bad relationship. I had known my boyfriend since we were little and it seemed like he truly loved me. He had moved to Arizona so we were trying to work it long distance. He was kind of demeaning to me and when i didn't do what he wanted he would call me untrue things. He'd call me things like a b*tch who f*cks everything; when he knew i had been raped by my older brother and one of my cousins.It got to the point where my friends basically said I had to choose between them or him. I feel like a terrible person because I always hurt somebody.

Jun 18, 2014

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  • It doesn't matter how long you've known someone or dated someone, no one should EVER talk to you like that. You are not a terrible person. You have to stand up for you. Your friends want the best for you, that's why they were being so firm with you to choose. Breaking up is never easy, even when your bf is abusive. Your feeling don't disappear. You invested a lot of time into this relationship. He may have loved you, but he is just not mature enough to be in a relationship. He is clearly not supportive and would prefer to break you down, instead of building you up. A lot of that could be his own insecurities, but still..That is a form of abuse. And emotional abuse is just as debilitating and physical. So again, the person you are hurting is yourself if you continue to put up with that. You are worth so much more. And your friends know and see that. It's time you see it for yourself. If you need to talk to someone, look into They may be able to help you work through the rape trauma you endured. It will be your first step to regaining your self esteem. So you won't have a pattern of dating men who don't treat you well.

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