Big marraige problem part 1

I am a married guy, 31, who is 'happy' with my wife. We are married for about 2 years when i met another woman, let's call her D.

My wife
My wife is the kindest woman, pretty, responsible, understanding, never throw tamtrums, loves to clean the house. She is a kind and compassionate woman who will never harm others. She has lots of empathy. She is basically what guys want for a traditional wife.

Dating and s**
While dating, we never had s**. This is because he strong believe in christianity made her feel that s** before marriage is wrong. We did experience handjobs and b******* along the way. What i notice is that she never initiates. But she does not hesitate to pleasure me when i ask for it. However, she is never adventurous enough to try public s** and anything kinky.

We had a few quarrels and discussions about s**. I told her that to me s** is a very very important part of marriage. I told her my idea of marriage is a passionate, affectionate and romantic one. One where we cannot get our hands off each other, where s** is a very important part of my marriage life. We start the day by sexting, lots of sexual jokes and climax in bed. She understand this but told me that she is also unsure if she can do that. But she really hopes that she will enjoy s**.

Before marriage, I had a quite a number of sexual relationships with my previous girlfriends and we both really enjoy it. We had spontaneous s** and quickies and many things passionate couples do. Some stuff were quite kinky.

After much consideration, i believe that without her religious guilt, after we got married, she will be a wife who we can enjoy s** in the morning, lunch time quickie and long romantic romps at night.

Unfortunately, after marriage, it did not change much.

S** after marriage
Wedding night s** was me trying to insert into her but she was in immense pain. She totally didnt enjoy it. I only managed to get my d*** head in and she cant take it anymore. She pushed me away several times claiming that it is just her knee j*** reaction. I feel rejected although part of me belives that she is still a virgin and it really cause her a lot of pain. I am above average sized tool.

In the next few days after marriage, we tried a few more times even with lubricant but to no avail.

Comes our honeymoon, we got more lubricant and we manage to consummate the marriage. The problem is that she doesnt enjoy the s**, she just feel pain and no pleausure whatsoever. I was hoping that after a few more attempts, she will get used to it and start enjoying s**. I even tried to finger her slowly but she rejected me saying like the idea of fingering. She gets totally tensed up and keep closing her legs whether it is my finger or d***. Believe it or not, the first time i ever fingered her was about months after or wedding day.

For the two years of my marriage, we didnt have much s**. Probably 2-3times a month. Even so, it is always me who initiate. She never initiates. We have also also developed a s** routine where in have to turn on romantic music, lick her for 10 mins first to get her slightly wet before i can penetrate and her face is always in agony, never pleasure, which is a big turn off for me. Moaning which really arouses me never happens in my marriage, she is either grimamcing or taking deep breaths to ease the pain. I have to close my eyes to not feel the guilt. Even after 10 mins of s**, when she gets used to my d*** inside her, i will ask her if she feels preasurable and her answer is no.

I am a man who derives a lot of pleasure in pleasuring my partner. When i see my partner enjoying, i will feel more aroused and will be able to enjoy s** more. But this never happens to us.

She did mentioned before that while we first got together and hold hands, her juices are flowing like a faucet. We even had to get back home and give oral s** and dry hump. We were in our late twenties then. But now, her juices are more precious than truffle oil. She told me she dont know why her juices doesnt flow anymore.

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  • Well the only thing I can say is to keep trying and maybe force it in her dominatrices style and tell her to take it.


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