Why am i such a fool?

Five heartbreaks by the same guy and yet i still love him. I don't know what is wrong with me. No matter how big of a j*** he is i still want to be with him. Another breakup because i just couldn't take it anymore and yet i still want to be with him. He said the only way he'd ever love me is if i ditched all my friends because he hates them and would kill them if he could. My friends keep telling me to not look back because he isn't a good person to them or me, yet i still want to be with him. Why do i have to fall for his stupid tricks?

Jun 21, 2014

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  • Your boyfriend's a psycho.

  • Wow I have to say if you were my friend and your b/f told you you can't talk to me and he wants to kill me and you are still with the guy I would say see yeah your not a good friend to let a guy tell you who you can see and who you can't what kind of person wants a b/f that controlling .
    You are only with this guy because you don't want to be alone , you said it yourself . But the thing is you will be alone , no friends and your b/f is going to go out and cheat on you because he can and he knows he can get away with it because your still with him .
    That is not love that is toxic but hey it's your life and we can't help you if your set on being unhappy .
    This is what happened when people don't get healthy love they take anything even left overs .

  • Well I mean, you should just take time to yourself. Youve been with five guys since you guys broke up. At this point if he didnt come back you need to find a way to live without him, take time to be single and move on.


  • You are not stupid are you?

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