I hate her, yet I've never met her....

You've been seeing her for years....yet she's still with him...her parents know now yet she still stays, yes he hits her, yes they have a house together...her parents are behind her now yet she still stays...if she wanted out that badly she could leave...you say you both love each other...
Does she really want you after all this time if she's still with him or is it so exciting coz she's not meant to be doing it? Even though you're 'the love of her life and there was something there the first time you spoke'
I don't want to be friends with her, I think she's an idiot for even agreeing to marry him if she was seeing you at the same time and she didnt love him. Is this your little fantasy?
If you love her so much why do you cheat on her, this is the biggest head f*** I can't stop thinking about you even though it will never go anywhere....
why did we ever say we fell for each other...we should have just stayed friends, the temptaition was just too strong and now it's gone too far....

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  • it's over.....i've finally met her and I still don't like her. That night you touched me, poked me and tried to grab my hands when she wasnt looking. You didnt talk to me all week what makes you think I would want to be touched by you.
    I've deleted all of you out of my life the messages, the emails, the inboxes....all gone. Now all's that's left is to work out how to deal with having to see you all the time....I wish I could hate you...it's just not that easy...

  • Your heart is very sweet, I hope u heal

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