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Im in my mid 30's. I have been divorced for 6 years now, and I miss having that someone to come home to.

I think I'm cute.. I have beautiful eyes, a great smile, and my personality is amazing. I'm a little over weight, not much. I wear a size 12. I have nice chest as well. I work full time, I own my house, I have a nice car.

So what's the problem?? Why am I still single? Seems the only guys that are interested in me or the ones that don't have a life, or any ambition!

What is it that the normal guy is looking for in a wife?

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  • It's not necessarily you; I think it's people in general; Once bitten, twice shy, or, so jaded by post-divorce dating that we just give up. I'm divorced 4 years, have dated, but, I'd say other than one, maybe two..Couldn't see myself with any, long-term. Oddly enough, one whom I could, potentially see myself with, was the first one, post-divorce. Still talk to her.

  • You sound great. I would love to meet you but at 50 I am too old for you.

    Here are my thoughts. First don't tell the guys you own a house. You will end up with some guy who rips you off.

    Next it sounds like in general you are a pretty positive person and that is great.

    Why are you single? Don't know but suggestions on how to meet someone are that you have to take a risk and I suspect since you mentioned that you own the house and so on that you are a person who is risk averse.

    To take a risk I mean first wear flirty clothes. Guys are visual creatures and so start with that. I mean all the time. You never ever slob around the house in a tracksuit. You want to attract a guy - dress sexy always.

    Next risk is say "yes". One date with each guy no matter how much of a looser you think he is. If he really turns out to be no good then just don't go for the second date.

    I would not worry too much about the weight thing. Join a sporting club where you do things in a team. Not just go to the gym on your own. That way you can combine healthy exercise with meeting people.

  • You haven't meant the right girl yet. When it's time, she will walk into your life when you least expect it. Whether it be a concert, a resturant, at the store, or a place where you would least expect to find a girl who will take your breath away with just her smiling at you. When the time is right, you will know it.

  • I am a guy in my 30s, and I will tell you the sad truth: If a guy wants to get married and have kids, he does it in his 20s. If he's made it to the mid 30s and not married, it's most likely because he doesn't want to.

    Your best bet is to look for a much older guy - like 50s - and steal him away from his wife. Yes, it's shady. But if a family is what you're looking for, that's a good way to do it.

  • Hard to say. My guess is you need to lose weight. A well of guy won't care about your house and car, he is going for looks and a submissive personality. That is why you are getting losers

  • Weight is just a number. If someone is over weight and no one wants to be with them, then that guy is f***** up. Juat because someone is overeighy, that doesn't mean anything. It just means that they are f***** up. ^^

  • I think you need to put yourself out there dress a little sexy not overboard, and most importantly dont bring up how many times youve been divorced if a guy knows that hes gonna assume youre looking for another husband and its Not what you want, dont say 'overweight' instead just say youre curvy and be proud of'em just project confidence you dont need ta talk about your chest to get a response you might get the wrong attention with that and a helpful tip go to a club and go with an ugly friend or go with a wingman/wing-woman if that makes any sense and have her talk you up that will grab guys attention, i cant speak for most guys im white & straight btw but me personally i like girls that have confidence, a great personality are somewhat openminded and no offense but i dont believe in marriage im just trying ta help you not get you angry. comment back let me know what you think -Light

  • Not angry at all.. I think I've heard some good advice here.. Except the dude telling me to date men in their 50's. that's a bad idea.

    You have a good point about the way I dress. I wear polo's alot.. Nothing sexy about that. I just feel weird when people stare at me.

    I need to step out of my box, and just have some fun.. The right person will come around when it's time.. Thank you everyone, you've helped more than you know.

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