Secret crush on my Mother in Law

I have fancied my mother in law since I first met me gf/wife 6 years ago and have always fantasised about sleeping with her. My MIL is 54 and looks just like my wife will in 25 years, and she is very attractive for her age.

I would never cheat on my wife but do get incredibly turned on by her mother. I love to give her compliments on how nice she looks and can tell she appreciates this.

My MIL also shows signs that she would secretly like to do the same. When I first met my wife, she would always compliment me on how good I looked and whenever she has a few drinks she gets a little touchy freely which I love. At family events she always sits by me and spends the whole night talking to me whilst stroking my leg. At the last event she got a little tipsy my wife was saying good bye to another lad, and her mother said don't just hug him, give him a kiss on the lips. Then she said look like this, and she gave me a surprise kiss on the lips, then again and about 5 times by the end of the night. I loved it, but is that just my imagination, or was she liking it too?

I'm looking forward to the next family birthday! :-)

Does anyone else feel the same, or any mothers secretly fancy their son in law??

Jul 6, 2014

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  • I aways got on well wth my mother in law .i always wanted mywife to be like he but she was far from it . .my wife cheated on me 3years ago and her mother was very supported . we now live together and have baby on the way never been happier

  • Wife and I got pretty drunk at her moms pool. Wife went in and took nap and her mom made a pass. I did her on a deck chair again on the picnic table and lastly in the house on the sofa. She enjoyed it and so did I, but it worked on me. The next time was in her bed when my wife went out of town. F***** her that night and again in the morning. It finally worked on her to. We stopped to prevent problems. Have done this once since in 10 years. She has not been married or with a man for many years.

  • I had s** with my girlfriends Mother- worst thing I ever did (at first). While she is a beautiful women, sexy very dark skinned and so hot, great tasting p**** she had my girlfriend very young (12) - and is only 37 now I could not get a erection no matter how hard (no pun intended) we tried. I can f*** my girlfriend any time any place - and am so embarrased any time I see he - she said she was going to tell my girlfriend unless I let her watch us f*** or make a s** tape so she could see if I got hard with her - I went to great lengths to have a s** tape made - and when I delievered it to her whe insisted we watch it together - as we where watching she got hotter and hotter and soon had her clothes off and started playing with herself moaning as she tried to make her self c** - the moaning did the trick - I got rock hard and slid my d*** into the wet p**** - f****** her for all she was worth. I pulled out of her just as I was about to c** and put in her mouth and exploded with my seed and she drank it like a women in the desert dying of thirst. We have been f****** weekly ever since - and I dumped her daughter!

  • I met my ex MIL before I knew her daughter. I had picked her up at a friend party. She and I had met at my place or a hotel. I liked what she had, just to old for a relationship. Told me she had two girls, never told me their ages.
    You long leg girl and I met, she and I dated for a month. She took me to her house for dinner. I am sitting at the table with her mom, who I had been with several times, and the daughter who I had the same with. I had just knocked her out before dinner at my apartment. I did not give a hint and neither did her mom. Later in private she told me how shocked she was. I did her a few times before the wedding.
    That marriage did not last, she was to young for me. I dated and later married a girl. She and I are married today. She ask me to do her mom, she was classic looking mom by then. Dark hair and one nude I saw (accidently) was a nice body. I just did not want to repeat what I had just done. Her mom just had not been serviced for a long time.

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