Opening Up Only To Become Closed Again.

I hate falling in love with someone because I get very codependent. In all my relationships, the person says they love me and wanna date me.
I end up dating them and falling for them, only to have that person break my heart by dumping me after 6-9 weeks of dating.
I've had 6 boyfriends, and my longest relationship lasted 4 months, from 5 July to 20 November 2012.

When I get my heart broken, I say "F*** love! I'm never dating again!" Then someone new comes along, and that someone ultimately becomes my boyfriend.
I have a vicious love cycle where the same things happen in threes: I start dating them, open up to them emotionally, and then they dump me.

I'm turning 18 in August. A psychic once told me I would settle down at age 26, and would find Mr. or Mrs. Right at 17.

Jul 7, 2014

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  • I am a married woman 57 years old and I have to say now a days dating is not like it use to be . I think with the internet people don't stay together and that they hop from one person to another .
    The sad thing is you and most woman want to find a guy and settle down get married have kids and so on and I am noticing that guys attitudes about being faithful , loyal , honest and dumped on the waste side .
    I think this generation marriage is going to be very low . People get bored to fast and want the next thrill .
    Honey if a boy tells you he loves you before he even knows you then you need to back away from them .
    Are you having s** with them ?
    If so well they got there cake and now they want a different one .
    If you want to find the right guy then no more giving into s** until he gives you a ring !
    Girls today don't wait until marriage and boys feel they can take what they want even if it's not theres to take . People need to go back to the bible and do things the right way .

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