Not A Confession

There's this guy I've been knowing for a bout 4.5 years. We've kissed, but its never been anything more than that. We've talked on and off for as long as we've known each other but never anything serious. He is a really good friend to me. Recently, he keeps asking me to have s** with him?! He asked And I said no, then he starts to Beg by saying "please!" "PRETTY PLEASE"?!! .I mean I don't understand that, I said no, now why beg? That's so unattractive to me. And now, he's telling me he's going to forget me and just leave me alone, all because I won't have s** with him.

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  • Is this friend of yours someone you totaly trust and call on when your sad or alone, someone whos always there for you and listens to you while you tell him your darkes secrets and never asks for much in return or judges you for being a worthless little w****?
    does his misplaced afection make you feel better than your many many bad choices in men, friends, and actions? someone you tease then shoot down because it makes
    you feel like your wanted. while you say s*** like one day we're gonna be
    together and i love you you know that right?
    and be honest, not to me or anyone else, just to your self.
    and ask your self, where you gonna turn when your useless fat
    drunken pill popping streched out sesspool h***** ass is so used up and damaged noone can even stand the look of you or the sound of your slurring chugg c** filled voice?
    your a piece of s*** you make me sick, you should be licking mr nices boot for all he does and all he wants is to f*** your p****? obviously he doesnt know how little your kind is worth. nothing.

  • Found the virginal incel!

  • With your awful English skills, you should be the last one judging anyone.

  • If he does not respect your wishes he is immature and not much of a friend.

  • This.^ Get it now, Marlon? Good, because you'll never get what you actually want. Selfish p****. Tired of listening to you mutter for hours about people and situations I don't care about anyway. What was ever in it for ME?

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