Why do people always tell me their secrets?

I'm sick of it!
I don't want to know your inner most deep thoughts, secrets or things that make you say to me "don't tell anyone!" WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME?!

for example:

My old co-workers used to date, it was against policy for them too.. but they did anyway. they told me not to tell. and I didn't. but I warned them it was a bad idea, since we work in such close quarters. that's why its not permitted.
did they listen ? no. did they last? h*** no.
talk about awkward silence for at least the last 6 months I was there... and they wanted me to pick sides! I'm not a child of your separation, give me a break. to make it worse, the guy started seeing someone outside of our area, still in the company, which was ok'd by the policies. and she happened to be a good friend. now this made the other girl bitter and jealous. and she told me she contracted an STD from the guy. and I told her she needed to tell him, and she didn't want too, because it was too embarrassing.
SO..... now the guy has been with my friend for about 5 months, and I want to tell her about him, and the mess he got into.. but its not my place. I don't think he told her. he just said they used to hang out. I don't want to lose either friendship, but my god. I hate when people tell me things.

wow that feels good to get off my chest.

Jul 9, 2014

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  • Damn that's a tough pill to swallow but I think you should tell her. And if you tell her just tell her to keep your name out of it strictly

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