I'm scared when i see him if what we had will still be there..

About 10 years ago I was living with a friend of my family, and she had her nephew come out to visit from out of state, and I kind of ignored him at first, he was 17 I was 20 at the time. but he was out for a solid 3 weeks, and a couple days passed and he's who I'd come home too, who I would eat with and talk too since my roommie was out on a lot of business calls.
eventually the more we hung out, we actually had a great connection and became really good friends. We spent the rest of his 3 weeks together, everyday and every night. We never did anything sexual, (he had a gf back home at the time)and when it was time for him to leave, I was devastated.. he left behind little trinkets of his saying he would be back for them so I wouldn't feel sad. and he would be back next year. we kept in touch through the year, and he came back the following summer.
We spent everyday together. never apart, even when I was at work he would text asking me when I was coming home because he missed me.
he came out 2 more summers after that, and each time he had a gf/ or I had a bf, so again, nothing sexual. the last time he came out I was living in a different city with my first boyfriend. and he drove all the way to visit with me. my ex hated him. that was back in 2007. I kept all the rings, guitar pic's, necklaces, and the flower he picked me. he would call me all the time through the years, and we lost touch a couple times, but when we picked up, it was always like we never left.
I made him a birthday gift in 2012, and he took it the wrong way thinking I was madly in love with him, when I was just trying to help him get over his depression. he said if I lived there things would be different. so I backed off for about a year, and recently I messaged him saying we needed to catch up, because I really missed him. and I told him to call me when hes not busy, and he said he's always busy. so I feel like he's mad at me for not talking to him for that year. but I told him how his reaction made me feel from his gift. and he said "understandable".
I'm going to visit him in april 2015, and I couldn't be more excited, because im also looking into transferring jobs and moving. from day 1, ive always seen him as my soulmate, and ive never felt that about any man ive dated. I just don't know if he feels the same way.. and I'm just nervous to see him. its been 7 years...

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  • I think you should clear the air with him and then tell him how you feel before going to meet up with him. And find out what he's feeling. The worse part would be getting there and finding out he has a girlfriend. You really have nothing to lose and it sounds like you guys have a strong connection. Don't let this opportunity get away.

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