Awkward times for me

So when i was 15 i was "dating" a boy named brandon. He was the first boy that i ever really liked but that was until i had this teacher (lets just say her name was mrs S) mrs S. She was so pretty that she gave me butterflies. but wait i was straight? right? well i didnt know what these feeling were. mrs S was about 25 or 23 around there. i remember always having butterflies when she was around me. i never felt this way with brandon i didnt know what was going on. so i told brandon what was happening and he said " it okay i understand " then he goes "it would be cool if we had a threesome" o.o ummm what i said ? he was like "yeah it would be cool" i said "ew no" then he tried to touch me in a more sexual way .. so i said "im breaking up with you" he said "fine what ever you will pay" what ever i said. so the next day of school i went to mrs S's class. she seemed to be more warm with me she gave me hug and talked to me more. at the end of class she asked to stay so she said "i heard what happened to you and brandon" she also said "he told me what you think of me" OMG thats all that was going through me head. So lesson here boys are jerks ( oh yeah and through this time of my life i have learned that i am straight)

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  • So, did you make out with the teacher? Did you more than make out?

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