I love my best friend and my boyfriend.

So I have a boyfriend. We've been dating for almost four months. I really like him. He's cheated on me twice in the first two months of our relationship. I forgave him. But I have this friend, whom I've had strong feelings for longer than I've dated my boyfriend. I just found out that my friend really likes me. And today, we kinda sexted. And I'm pretty sure we're going to hang out again soon. But this time, when we hang out, I think we're going to be doing more than just hang out. He wants me to give him a b******* and he wants to finger me and stuff. And I really want to do all that with him too. I mean, I have more feelings for him than I do for my boyfriend. But my boyfriend's still amazing. And I don't know what I'm going to do.

Jul 20, 2014

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  • Sounds like you and your boyfriend will be even all the whole cheating count in no time. Sexting? Fingering? yep.. all count as cheating..because they are not with your boyfriend. I'm guessing you're in high school? Hopefully, not younger.. you better be using condoms or you're going to be pregnant in no time. Here's some advice. Have enough respect for yourself to 1. Not date some guy who cheats on you even 1x. 2. Don't let every guy finger you and don't go down on every guy.. you will get a reputation that way. And not the good kind. Guys will say lots of things to get down your pants. A guy should like you for you..make them wait. So advice.. break up your bf, he's probably still cheating on you. Date the second guy but make him wait.

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