I'm like a husband now?

I live since a month in one of the southern states on rooms at a landlady, a heavy black woman in her sixties. Every thing at her is big.
I always had special feelings for this type of women and therefore accepted that simple room because it was with her. She is an engaging woman.
Because it's a small room I am mainly with her in the living room and I also eat together with her, that she likes and always has an entertaining story to tell.
We get along very well and her cooking is delicious.

In the beginning she still was decently dressed but mainly the last 2 weeks she runs around in a long t shirt and which she complains about the heat.
I can see her excessive full body in all the details and I have to admit that fascinate me. She hides nothing for me and I can see her heavy b****** gently bobbing back and forth as she pass through the room.
I can not keep my eyes from there and that she knows.

I would be has extended looked at her, because 3 days ago she walked in the shower room just when I was showering and she made not fast move to leave. Instead, she asked me if she could join me under the shower and before I could answer, she was already with me. You certainly will understand what happened then.
Well, this heavy old woman sure knows how to make a man happy and knows how to let you keeping on to desire her, at least I did!
Since then I don't sleep in my own bed but with her.

Actually, instead of a room tenant I'm like her husband in a short time.

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  • How heavy is she in lbs(pounds) and if you think shes sexy now get her to gain alot more weight youll love it

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