calling people

I like to call random people and brag about my 8 inch c*** and tell them how big and fat it is and tell them to suck it for me and drink my c**. And it turns me on when guys say homophobic stuff and threaten to kill me to only minutes into the phone call start talking homosexual back to me.

Now I'm bi. I have my gf and love to pleasure her with my 8 inch c*** and make her squirt all over my d***. And she never turns me down when I want to f*** her cause she knows my big d*** will make her c** everytime and it does.

But it gets me turned on when guys threaten me with homophobic stuff on the phone only to start talking gay few minutes into the call. It really makes me laugh when they tell me my 8 inches in small. I think they need to check the average p**** size stats and look at my ruler.

I had one guy one time call me a f***** and how he was going to chop my d*** off and shove it up my ass and slit my throat like a pig. And then a few minutes into the call he tells me he and his son have 10 inch c**** and he was going to f*** me in the ass and c** all over my face and into my throat and then his son gets on the phone and says if I come over to where he is he'll suck my c***. All while they call me a f***** and tell me I'm gay and how they hate gays.

But then they tell me it's only gay if I suck their d*** when it was I who told them to suck my d***. I think secretly those homophobic men were gay themselves.

But is something wrong with me? I feel like I'm exposing true sexual orientations of men who claim to hate gays when I talk and brag about my 8 inch c*** over the phone.

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  • LMAO Dude! Are you serious? You are calling People to tell them about the size of your C***? Your Posting made my Day, I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

  • No you are fine. And now i think about it… hmu on snapchat. kaaaal30

  • What are you 10 years old ?
    You do no all they have to do is call the phone company and ask them who called just now and they can trace you . plus they can just Pick up your receiver, wait to hear the dial tone, then press "#73" to redial the last number.

    I remember as a kid back in the 80's I would get prank calls from perverts and I just went along hopping it was not enacting because they didn't p*** me off . Then I would say my dads a cop and he will kill you ummm no more prank calls

  • You should choose a new way to enjoy your time. There is absolutely no point in wasting people's time. Nevertheless, as always the choice is yours

  • You have no right to judge them because they said homophobic stuff. You forced them your homosexuality so it is obvious that they will retaliate with homophobic slurs. You are more to blame for their behavior. Think about it, what if I called you randomly say stuff about hurting your family slowly while you watch ? The psychological trauma is EQUAL. You are not just fulfilling your sexual desire but hurting others with verbal abuse for no reason. In my view you are no better than any other rapist

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