Innocent enough...

I've been texting with an ex-boyfriend from college. We haven't seen each other in person for nearly 10 years, and he lives 1,000 miles away. I'm married with a kid. Our texts are innocent, just small talk mostly, and playful banter. But as I sit in bed chatting with T and my husband is downstairs, spending his evening (yet again) playing video games, I can't help but wonder what it would be like to be with T.

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  • I think it's normal to wonder what if...I reconnected with an old, short-term flame from my college days as my marriage was hitting the crapper, and, one of the first things I thought was..Maybe I should have married Cheryl instead. She was sweet, beautiful, and, not that this made a huge difference, but..her family had tons of money. Cheryl and I always got along well. Just didn't pursue the relationship as much as should have.

  • Its crazy how people who have not had the same experiences try to rationalize others. My husband spends day in and day out playing video games. Some nights he doesn't even come to bed because he stays up so late on the damn game he falls asleep down stairs. I uses to talk to someone else but he found out. Never had s** with the guy but I just needed someone to make me smile after I spent so much of my time being salty about my husband. Things got better and yet again we are back in the same situation. Me being upset and him not giving a s*** because clan wars are more important

  • 1. You're cheating.
    2. Video games are amazing.
    3. 10 yrs after college? LOL who gives a fk what you do

  • It's not innocent. You're already emotionally cheating. Does your husband know about your "innocent texts"? And how would you feel if you're husband isn't playing games, but chatting with some ex on fb? Hey, if you're doing it, why not him? It's easy to think about what could have been, you have history. But the truth is that it didn't work out and if it did, it could be T downstairs playing games while you text yet some other ex. Look..stop looking outside of your relationship to fix why you're not happy. Fix You, then fix your relationship. What ever void your trying to fill, dig deep and figure it out. If your relationship is beyond repair, then divorce.

  • I think she meant like normal people talk not flirting dumb a**

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