My best friend is cutting off the texting on his phone. He's the only thing keeping me alive. If I can't talk to him, I don't know what I'll do. I guess maybe this is the end. ):

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  • It's never the end. Maybe he's not there now, but someone always is. :)

  • Texting can not be your only lifeline. And that's a huge burden on your friend. Pick up the phone then and call your friend or call another friend or speak with someone. There is help out there.

  • If this is a joke, it's sick.
    If it's not, then go see a doctor or go talk to your friend and tell him what he means to you.

  • lol? This is a joke right? Because people apparently do take you seriously.

  • Hey, if you need to talk to someone, talk to me. :)

  • Get a f****** hold of yourself. It's kids like you that give teens a bad rep.

  • really?? seriously? well dont KILL yourself over it. come on now....

  • So you can't call him on a phone? Can't email? Can't write a f****** letter? "Ohh wahhhh I can't text anymore!! Wut will 1 dew nao?!111? i'MA GO K1LL MAHSELF cuz I can't txtorz! wahhh!" What are you, thirteen? F****** idiot.

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