Niece chokes me out

My neice is 22 110 lbs I'm 44 240 lbs she was dog sitting for me I came home and she was high and drunk. Ok so she was poking me and challenged me to a fight I didn't want to and next thing you know she grabbed me and we started wrestling and she got me into a choke hold I couldn't get out I woke up and she was. Sitting over me laughing rubbing my chest she took a picture of me out on the floor. She sends me the picture all the time and f**** with me about it she hasn't told anyone though it's like our secret. So embarrassing though!

Aug 1, 2017

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  • My niece wrestled me once and sat on me and pinned my wrists. I couldn't escape and she sat there for 30 mins

  • Are you sure she didn't molest you while you were knocked out?
    Oh, and before you all start commenting about this being stupid. Just remember it's the same comment that would be taken seriously if it were the other way around. Think about that the next time you accuse a guy of something stupid.

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