A Dilemma

I've been married ten years to my high school sweetheart. We have two kids, a seven year old son and a 4 year old daughter. Our marriage is wonderful and our life style is upper middle class. I have no complaints. None. Recently, however, my wife's best friend whom we've both known since we were kids has confided in us that her husband is having an affair with a co-worker of his and that she intends to soon file for divorce and, in her words, "rake the S.O.B. over the coals". My dilemma? I'm not her husband's friend, but we frequently play a round of golf together. I know with certainty that he does not know she is aware of his affair. I feel no loyalty towards him, but I do have some sympathy for the way he's about to be blindsided. A small part of me wants to give him fair warning, but my years long friendship with his wife has thus far prevented me from doing that. My wife and I keep no secrets, so she is aware of this bit of internal turmoil going on with me. She suggested I curtail the golf outings and I suppose that's one way to handle it. Comments would be welcome.


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  • LOL the trials and tribulations of the cookie-cutter upper-middle class family. S**** that golf loving co-worker humping cliche, and s**** you and your pleated khakis.

  • Hey, bud ... thanks so much for your ordinary man, working class insights. I hope you enjoy your weekend of beer and bowling, or whatever it is you people do.

  • Why do people feel the need to but in other peoples life ?
    Dude if you tell the husband then your going to p*** of your wife and your wives friend why would you even consider getting involved ?

    You must lack common sense if you have to ask a bunch of strangers
    what to do ..

    DUH ... I'm a r***** what do I do ummm ??
    Warning Dumb people with dumb questions to dumb to know what to do

  • You should learn how to spell and use proper punctuation. Oh, sorry, I used a four-syllable word.

  • You need to start up an affair with your wife's friend (she seems ripe for it!!) and then, before she files, spring the news that she's not going to get anything from her husband because you're going to testify what a w**** she is! You tell her the only way you keep quiet is for her to never file the suit and keep her s*** mouth shut!

  • Interesting, to say the least. Her husband is f****** someone else, you call her a s*** and you suggest I f*** and bribe her. Yes, you are an idiot.

  • Maybe, but she is obviously a s***, and you should be out there proving what a s*** she really is. Sounds to me like she really likes it in the ass, too. Yeah, this is a s*** you're dealing with and you should be knocking off pieces of that.

  • Your an IDIOT !

  • And YOU are a R*****!

  • Ya you shouldn't say anything to the husband. HE blindsided her.
    Just don't say anything.
    You didn't know anything.

  • My advice is not going to be popular but...
    If you would want to know if somthing like this was happening to you then tell him. I would without a doubt, My first rule for a friendship is they have to have the same values as me. This woman that is your "friend" has none

  • Run! Forest! Run!

  • This guy blindsided his wife, its hard to feel sorry for him. And she's p*****. Let them to hash it out, their lawyers will work out the details. It's not your business to tell. I think it would be more of a dilemma if you were really good friends with the guy. Maybe tell the wife's best friend and your wife that you think it be best if you're not involved in any further conversations until the papers are served.

  • My advice ... stay out of it

  • Ditto

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