Wife affair

My wife had an affair which lasted about a year or so. She worked for a Youth Club three times a week and much to my surprise she had an affair. I suspected so and caught them one evening. For whatever reason he came to our house ( with my wife) quite late for coffee. She went into the kitchen and a few moments longer he joined her. I waited for five minutes or so and then silently walked into the room. My wife was holding his c*** which was hard and erect and she was leaning against the wall. There was a moment of silence when I said “If that’s what you want then go ahead”. At that my wife lifted her skirt and he f***** as I watched.

23 days

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  • Very nice! Wife and I have a man over from time to time to give her a good lick/stick. She enjoys it, he does, as do I. Straight up hard s** w/o any of the drama.

  • My husband loves to watch me f****** others. He always knows who I am going to f*** and when. If he's not there, I have to describe it to him, in detail,. One day I will have to surprise him. We have small half wall in our house near the front door. We didn't like it at first and we were going to remove it. Until one day, I bent over the wall and jokingly said this could be our f****** wall. He came over with his pants off and said take your pants off. Ever since then. One day we were f****** there and the front door opens. My bil stood there getting a bulge in his pants. My husband said you don't need a written invitation. My bil dropped his pants and proceeded to put is c*** in my mouth which I stated to suck on. This turned my husband on even more and it didn't take him long to nut in my c***. However, my bil had just started and I was still unsatisfied. So I told my bil to fill my c*** with his c*** and my husband to put his c*** in my mouth. Which has given me an idea. Next time I am bent over that wall, my husband wiill walk in the door when he comes home from work, and I can watch his c*** rise while my bil's c*** (or someone else's) will be be in my c*** f****** me.

  • Middle aged women can’t turn down a young c***.

  • I'm a sissy c********* and would suck wife's boyfriends c*** infront of wife and swallow every drop of his creamy c** load down my sissy throat and have my wife photograph it for my motherinlaw to see.

  • The same person must have come to my house. Years ago, a young man would visit us. He came into the kitchen and started playing with my ass while pushing me against the kitchen sink. His mom & my husband was in the living room. I had been h**** all week, plus I had a deep fantasy about being taken by a young man. I whispered for him to stop but he said nothing ass his hands went under my dress into my panties. I had my legs pressed together. One hand went to my ass & the other reached around to my p****. He told me to open my legs & I did. Then he said, "That's a good girl." I liked this. I told him to stop he was going to get caught. He fingered my p**** & played with my a******.
    I looked up & my husband was in the doorway. I tried to push him away, but my husband stated, "Don't leave the boy with blue b****, bend over & give him what he wants." I did not even know he already had his pants down. The boy f***** me but did not last long. I was so turned on to be used like this.

  • Shut the f*** up a******

  • There's a word for that: CUCKHOLD.

  • That's so HOT!
    You are a kind husband for allowing her to enjoy herself while you watch.
    My husband and I are open in our marriage and also swing. I've always wanted to have s** while my husband watches but he's not into it.
    You sound like an amazing & supportive spouse.
    Has there been more encounters you'd like to share?

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