Daddy's Little Girl

I stole over $15,000 from my father. He is going to find out and I am terrified. I have no justifiable reason to tell him. I never felt that guilty while I was taking the money, but the consequences are beginning to weigh heavily on me. I know everything will change after he finds out. Our relationship, my relationship with my other family members, and the comfort I have felt will disappear in a blink of an eye. I have been delaying as long as I could. I keep telling myself it's better to just get it over with, but I know how he'll react and what's going to happen. I can see it so clearly, so I push for one more day hiding my crime in fear and in hope.

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  • Go to him and tell him yourself, before he discovers it. If you wait for him to find it own his own, it's going to be harder to deal with and he's going to be less willing to forgive. Develop a repayment plan -- not a pie-in-the-sky thing, but something you can actually comply with -- and tell him you'll make the debt good, plus interest. If he doesn't hear about this from you first, it could irreparably damage your relationship and make the situation even worse than it already is.

  • $15,000! Wow.. that's not small change. Was this one lump sum or over time? And he hasn't noticed? I think anyone would be rightfully p*****. Worse that can happen other than him being disappointed and hurt by you is that he may call the cops on you. But there are consequences to all actions, so it may be best to clear your conscience and face whatever will happen head on. And maybe you feeling really bad about your actions is good, because you know it's not right. There are some people who would do the same things and not care. So hope for the best possible outcome that he accepts your apology and you both can come up with reasonable terms that you can pay him back in a timely manner. But don't put it off.. it's going to be far worse if he finds out.

  • So why would you steal from your dad knowing the outcome is not going to be good .
    Why did you take the money you didn't say ..
    Just tell him you will pay him back that's the right thing to do pay him back weekly 100.00 a week till it's payed off .

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