My reason to confess here is to just let everything out of my heart. My heart is so heavy with this secret. I feel very guilty to my husband. I didn't tell him that I'm not a virgin when I got married with him. And when he asked to me last night, I lied to him that I used tampon last time, hence I lose my virginity. When I first met my husband a year ago, I know he is the one and I have thrown all the past away and be a new person. He is such a kind hearted and nice person, I love him so much and much more and more by day. I hope God will forgive me for the lie that I told him. I dont want to ruin my own life by telling the truth after all this while. I want to just forget about my bad past and continue to live happily ever after with my lovely husband... Thank you for listening. Everything seems to be ok now.

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  • I would not worry about it everyone has a past good or bad it's still the past . Did he make a big deal about wanting a girl who was a virgin ? Is that why you lied ? Was he a virgin when you got married ? Personally I don't think it's anyones business if your a virgin or not that is your own business .
    Everyone is so obsess if you are or not .

  • ^ Totally correct. ^

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