Depressed and don't have anyone to talk to

I'm 18 and I feel so alone. I mean at my age you're suppose to be going to parties, going out on dates, meeting new people and not worry about being anti-social. All my friends are all attending college and I'm taking a gap year and always indoors. I can't tell anyone my problems because to be honest no one cares. When I search for ways to be more social they say I must be able to go places and introduce myself but seriously it's easy said than done, I mean I don't even have a boyfriend. I'm a shy person and I can't just be open face to face, I always die inside. Maybe I'm depressed because my father abused my mom or I was bullied at school?

I really try to be sociable but people really don't want to talk to me not that I'm not attractive. They say I'm intimidating because I'm quiet. Even when I'm with my friends, people talk to them and not me :(

I really feel like something is wrong with me!


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  • Yup! I'm just like you. It's okay, nothing to be ashamed about, you just gotta work on it. Force yourself to start saying hi to people, I know it's hard, but it gets easier. Go on walks in your neighborhood and just smile when you cross paths with someone. If you ever get the urge to speak or say hi--don't overthink it, just DO IT. 9 times out of 10 they will say hi or smile back, remember other people are shy too. Especially now with so much technology, people barely know how to communicate anymore. But I promise you doing this will help with your shyness, it helped with mine. Maybe start out walking with someone outgoing so they can rub off on you ;P

    seriously though, you just need to learn to be more confident in yourself. Yes, our past builds us. But you have the power to change at any time you want. You can do it. Believe in yourself and POSITIVE THINKING goes a long way. Sending light energy your way. Nankurunasai

  • Are you an introvert? If so - make something for yourself and don't care what others think. You are young, everything will come to you in time.

  • Try to get some counseling

  • I know how you feel. I was the same way when I was younger. It gets better as you get older. If you like to chat about ut shoot me an email. Lrt595 @ yahoo

  • Well i'm 23,male. dont have many freinds always stay in my room dont like talking to anyone other than my family never had a girlfreind and so i can pretty much understand your situation but the different thing is that after being like this for some years i've started to love my self-restricted life and my lonliness bt now my room is my comfort-zone and whenever i have to go out og my room for any reason i just get so pissef and mad bt inside mu room im a very happy person:)

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