I want to kill my stepdad.

I hate him so much. I want him to die a slow, painful death. He always finds a f****** way to treat me like s***, makes fun of me, yells at me, and make me be his little f****** slave. I'd be jumping with joy to know his lazy pathetic ass is wiped from this earth. I've never ever felt this way, like wanting to kill someone, but this n**** right here.. He pushed me to the line. I want to stab him endlessly.. Every stab is for every time he has hurt me.. Humiliated me.. Treated me.. Like I am nothing. He acts like he is such a f****** angel, like he has a f****** halo on his head. F****** liar. He plays games, and makes me like the f****** bad kid. I'm f****** 12 years old thinking this s***. He treats my real dad like he aint s***, he's f****** jealous that I love my own dad, and not his stupid ass anymore. I did once love him, because he was the only father figure I had. But I was too young to realize his stupid lies and tricks he pulls. I don't understand why it's always my fault. I'm always the stupid one, the f***** up one. He's "perfect", apparently. He thinks he can get away with this s***. He knows what I go through, he knows how much I hate him. He claims he "loves" me and says I treat him bad. Nobody f****** knows what happens behind closed doors. I can't take this anymore. I want to die. I want him to die. To burn in h***. I want him to lose everything, I want him to feel my pain. For once. I want him to hear my voice, to cringe at every word I speak. His heart to stop.. To feel as much pain as anyone could ever imagine. To go through what he has put me through. This is my confession.

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  • Dose your mother know how you feel and your father ?
    Why not just ask your dad if you can live with him tell your mom your step dad is a mean , person and you don't want to live here anymore . Then call your dad and say dad I can't live here anymore I am not happy I want to live with you !

  • You need to find someone who can help you understand and deal with this anger and hatred. A professional, someone with degrees and several years of experience. And it wouldn't be too soon to start looking for that person today. You can't do it alone, and you certainly can't do it here on this site, or online. There is a solution, but you can to go looking for it: it won't find its way to you.

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