My Ex...

I know deep down I could never forgive my ex. He cheated on me and I know the reason was we were different people I was more caring and sincere and he was a bully, a punk and a thug, we never got along because of our life perspectives being entirely mismatched, so he compared me to this woman, preferably his hoodrat, who lived in the ghetto and was feeding off government assistance. That is what angers me, how can you compare me to a trashy, uneducated swine when I know myself very well, as being independent, determined and trying to set realistic life goals for myself. Money and knowledge didn't just fall from the clouds for me to pick up, rather I worked hard. If I could tell him in his face I would tell him, you never got the best of me, I never went down with you, and forever you are nothing but a giant, brainless ape.

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  • Men cheat for different women. He had an emotional connection with you, he may have said something to just get you angry. The other woman was an easy lay. That's all it was. You were out of his league. There is no comparison. Don't waste another moment thinking about it, you will drive yourself crazy.

  • If he was no good why are u so angry with him?

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