Do girls know what they do to men?

So after my divorce my wife got EVERYTING. I had to move into of all places a local trailer park (it was the only place I could afford that was near my work). I must have moved into another dimension (the REDNECK zone). I got a 30 something divorcee on one side with her 15or16 year old daughter and a late mid 20’s something gal with two young in’s (girls 9/10) on the other side (don’t know if she was ever married). These people are straight from Walmart. I mean the 30 yr. old goes out last Saturday to hang up laundry behind her trailer wearing a towel. She had it clipped together in the back. It didn’t go all the way around and her bare ass was hanging out! Her 15/16yr old is always playing loud music and running around with pretty much nothing on, (like mother, like daughter). Neither neighbor is unattractive, about average I’d say. I’m sure with some nice clothing and good makeup they would be both be stunning. The first weekend I’m moving in, taking boxes from my car to the trailer and the 30something wanders over, offers me a beer, told her maybe later. I go back to unloading the car. Sure enough, later that night she and her daughter are knocking on my door with a six-pack. I go out we sit on the ‘patio’ and have a beer. She starts telling me what a real nice place this is, everything respectable and all, blah, blah, blah. We kill the six-pack; I’m buzzed because I haven’t had dinner and the next thing I know her daughter is bouncing on my lap. I’m feeling loose and spring a b****. The little one senses this and starts grinding into me harder and harder. I don’t know what to do; mama is looking me over like a hungry dog looks over a bone. If her daughter stands up and she sees my b****, I could be in deep s***. I quickly stand up, spin around and run into my trailer. I slam the door and yell thanks through it and that I’m not feeling good. She starts to come in; I lock the door and head to the back of the trailer where the bathroom is. She keeps knocking on the door and her daughter keeps running around the trailer jumping up to look in the windows (and popping out of her top with every jump). After a while the tapping stops and I come out of the bathroom. Guess they went home. I go to the sink to get a glass of water. My kitchen window faces the kitchen window of the 20 something on the other side. I look across the way and there is my other neighbor standing in her window, topless. She sees me, smiles and waves, not even trying to cover herself, and I then I start to wonder how many federal and local law enforcement types cruise this site? Or the net in general? H*** they probably post half the underage s***, then watch to see who clicks on the comments and capture their ISP address. Just a matter of time before there is a knock on your door and….

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  • I would be more interested in the 2 9 yr old girls than the 16 yr old I like my p**** very young,

  • Sometimes on this site IDK how much is true etc, but yeah, I have a true story about this one trailer park (and BTW, being poor isn't crime buddy, half my friends went through divorces, the wives got almost everything, a couple of thej had to move back in with their parents, it's a f****** mess, f*** marriage, so just saying, being poor for a while is no big deal man) - I used to be friends in HS with a kid that lived in a pretty rednecky trailer park, but he wasn't bad kid or anything, we hung out with all the same kids, from both sides of the "tracks" & all that - but when I'd spend the night at his place, we'd bounce around the trailer park, and by the time I was 14 or so I had seen more s*** than most adults ever do, ha. Saw everything (mainly through windows like you mentioned, I guess mini blinds or curtains are optional in trailer parks, but lucky for us) from nasty g******** with LOTS of wasted dudes f****** one nasty woman, to crack whores walking around propositioning even us kids, to one of our other friends from school we didn't hang out with much getting a b******* from his stepmom while his Dad watched, to the same Dad hanging out naked with everything wide open, to a chick getting the s*** beat outta her by her lameass boyfriend (we told ny buddies Mom about that one, he went to jail, score one for the good guys) to these 2 FOR SURE pedophile dudes letting us get drunk and stoned at their trailer after school & letting us look at p***, but we never let them do anything to us, to late night s** screams coming from more than just one or 2 trailers, and there's more that I don't remember. But I guess when your whole life is poor & there's not much to do, s** is free so there's alot of that happening for entertainment. but it turned me into a h**** little f***** by the time I was pretty young,haha.

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