I hate being right

I met this guy and he really is sweet, hes kind of nerdy but hes a gentleman and really funny. When I met him, he was kinda depressed because of his last relationship that lasted 2 years. and i completely understand that.
one day we were talking and he was talking about girl problems and by this point i had really strated to take a liking to him. he said hes having trouble choosing what girl he wants to really get to know better, and he included me in it, but he said he wanted to get back with his ex still, but didnt at the same time because of what she did. so me being a good friend, and not trying to be biased towards me i said, maybe you should try out a new girl just to see how your feelings hold up for your ex. so he took my advise. and him and i really got talking and he told me that he started to like me. so i was really happy as you can imagine. we hung out a few days ago, and we got dinner and a movie and it was really sweet. he was flirtsie but not too much. everything was going great, then we got in the truck to go home, and he completely opened up to me about everything he going through and he never does this with anyone, so can imagine i felt special. then he said something like "no offense to you, but i doont want anything serious right now." i already knew this from our previous conversations but i hated hearing it.
now, 2 days later, he hasnt been texting me as much as normal, and i have this gut feeling that i took that statement too lightly. im not exactly sure what he meant by it, but i feel like i messed up somewhere and hes going to tryout another girl now.
im not sure if i should be too worried about this because he could simply be busy.
i really just want him to give me another day to show him what im really like

Mar 20, 2011

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  • No offence but i did the same thing with a girl i like cause i fell for someone else. I couldnt tell her though cause she was sweet and i liked her too. I only tell you this as another point if view....

  • You can't force someon to have feelings for you, so even if you get another chance to show him you, it doesn't mean anything. He was honest he doesn't want anything serious, and i don't think he is over his ex either.

    I think you are better off not contacting him. Let him come to you. If he really want syou he will adn if he doesn't then you will find someone who does see the real you and really will want you for you!

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