Need to tell somebody

To start it off, I'm always hard & I j******* almost every day of my life multiple times. For instance, waking up, in the middle of the day, and when I go to bed. And I always get hardons in my sleep, really difficult for me to ever sleep at someone else's house. Growing up, I started off rubbing my d*** up against pillows & my bed as fast as possible. Always felt so good. Started j********** when I was about 13 while watching softcore p*** on HBO & Starz, eventually switched to what I could find on the computer until I came across more sites & jacked off even more. When I was going on 16, I started dating online with this blonde with nice t***, a beautiful pink p**** and an amazing perfect-sized round ass. I've always liked little a**** with pretty little holes (like Brea Bennett & Shawna Lenee) and I ALWAYS wish I had a girl so I can bend her over & lick her ass. After awhile in the relationship, we started telling each other what we would do, until she mentioned being really good at sucking (without using her hands), which led up to her telling me everyday on IM, messages and even text messages about guys that f***** her hard and exploded c** all over her face & body. It really made me LOVE hearing & she became my sexual obsession, and I loved how crazy she was about big c**** & especially c**, and the fact that I can call her a c********* & she'd love it. When she told me, I'd always j******* in my underwear cuz I didn't have as much privacy and didn't wanna clean up messes, but she'd make me c** TONS! I was instantly hard again because of her and cummed another big load 5 mins later. Sometimes thinking back to that time when j**********, if we were really together, I'd probably let her give b******* when I wasn't home, maybe get f***** too. They just can't eat her p****, lick her ass, or suck on her b**** cuz that's mine. And on her birthdays, she could make me watch her blow another guy if she wanted. Just something I love thinking about. Everyday I wish I had another person in my life who sucked a lot of d*** and would tell me about it & make me c** all over the place again. The more a girl sucks & gets f*****, the crazier I feel. I also wished that just once, or all the time, that a girl would randomly send me pics of her with c** on her face or a d*** in her mouth. Another main reason I always j*******, is cuz I never had a gf of my own to do things to, or especially just to love & make me happy and take my mind off s**, because that's what I'm about when I'm not hard. Btw, I LOOVE b**** more than anything! And girls that squirt! Right now I have a friend in my life that I'm dying to f*** & suck on her cute/pretty feet. Final thing I wanna say is that I like d*** too. Not bi, I just always preferred it over p**** when I first seen mags cuz a lot of those girls were kinda hairy or had c** coming out of em. To help that, one day around the time I started j**********, I was sitting on the floor doing something in the bedroom, this guy I was hanging out with stood in front of me with a big tent & asked me, then he dropped his pants & sat on the bed and let me touch it for awhile until I wrapped my mouth around it. I didn't taste his c** tho, only time in my life I'd taste it is if I hooked up with one of them cute/pretty tgirls. He had a really nice d*** tho that I still think about sometimes. First few years after that, I was also able to put my own d*** in my mouth. Fav time was after I got done swimming, I went into the bathroom to see if I could do it that day & my d*** felt so good in my mouth and was warm, smooth, but hard. Wish I had more time to myself in that moment to really enjoy it. And, I wished just once through them years that I could have someone stand in front of me again with their pants down, with my heart racing, and let me suck their d*** & enjoy it more since I was older. Plus, just once I wanted them to c** tons on my face. When I'm not watching girls getting f***** in vids, I always watch tgirl vids of Sadie Hawkins (love her d*** the most cuz she's got a big head & I love d**** like that and she c*** a lot without touching), Bee Armitage (nice big d***, would love to be friends with benefits) and I love Bailey Jay (literally a normal sweet girl with a nice d***, would marry her).

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  • If we were roommates, all that would go on all day & all night is masturbating - whenever either of us woke up or came home, at anytime of the day or night one of us would be watching p*** right in the livingroom rubbing it out. I'd wake up in the morning with a b****, get out of bed, head to the bathroom to take a morning p*** & then head right to where you were playing with yourself, whip my d*** out & start jerking off too - even if we weren't jerking off to blow a load, we'd be hard and playing with our d**** right in front of each other, and if we wanted to blast a few loads, we'd just let it rip whenever we felt like it - if both of us we were home that's how it would be.

  • Honestly, I'd love that! Growing up, I always thought about j********** anytime I wanted to when I'm not eating or playing games. And of course sleep naked without having to worry about somebody seeing me hard. And I'd j******* right there in bed when I wake up, then shower & most likely do it again in there. Just love to feel good & see how much I c**. And you mentioned j********** in front of each other - if I was sitting down doing that, you can definitely stand in front of me & do that. I still want a d*** in my mouth too.

  • Where do you live

  • So... Do you have a big c***?

  • Colorado. Why? Would you let me suck your hard c***? And blow your load all over my face? I was just thinking while showering - If I was living with someone like that, our day could be me waking up in the morning & waiting for you to wake up & then I'd suck your d*** til you're wide awake. Then we'd go shower as normal roommates/friends, but at times while we're in there, I would get down & suck your d*** some more. You can c** on my face while we're in there too every morning, then we'd get out & enjoy our day while jerking off and doing whatever else. At night, when we get a bit tired or too bored, we'll go into the bedroom, I'll drop down in front of you while you pull your pants down & I'll get one last taste of your c*** before sleeping. At times when we're really hard at night & wanna f*** something, we'll go out & find a hot 18-25 chick with nice t*** & an amazing ass, tie or handcuff her to the bed and f*** the s*** out of her all night. We'll go til we pull out & c** on her and then switch off. :)

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