I'm a young woman happily married to my husband for 4 years. I have 2 kids from him and 1 from my past relationship! I'm 25 young curvy typical mixed Latina attractive in other words. Month as away I was pregnant from my second child from my recent marriage my husbands family is all full of attractive guys,& girls such as aunts uncles cousins nieces nephews! They are all full of good looks. On my baby shower I invited all my young girlfriends and he invited his family not a typical baby shower with woman! I couldn't keep my eyes off a masculine girl. Tall athletic body muscular guy haircut pierced ears dressed nice, I asked my husband through text if it was a girl he answered "yes it's my niece she's 17 going on 18 yes she's gay don't treat her any different she's cool I promise. I replied with a smiley face. She honestly looked like a guy I have nothing against gays lesbians etc. I greeted her and her smile was beautiful she had gorgeous hazel eyes and amazing long curly natural lashes we kissed cheecks that's how I greet I welcomed her and her family. Through the night I found myself constantly staring at her sitting down looking at her phone typical teenager in my mind I fantasizes about her ! Her muscular hands vascularity her smile! My husband is young and athletic buff guy he played basketball with all the young cousins nephews while in the baby shower his gay niece played and she took of her shirt and I couldn't help but notice her muscular soft skin and well formed biceps and triceps her sweat pouring down her seductive and showing a deep v cut atoused me inside. I felt guilty so I chit chatted with my girls but they all noticed her also and asked her age I said 17 as friends they each said she was attractive and would bang her and let her get it etc I didn't know if it was serous or jokes. Party was over I was excited to say goodbye to her she greeted me and smiled saying congrats touching my belly I smelled her cologne and since then I convince my husband to throw "family parties " often to see her she's grown up now I had my baby I've gotten back to my fit shape and still got it. At every party we invite my husbands family she's always here and seeing her makes me fantasize so much recently I think she's noticed I'm attracted to her so I try my best to stay away but I still stare her down. Weeks ago I noticed her at the gym also sweating glittering with her sexy body it got me wet i think she feels the same attraction for me also but we keep it a secret! It could just be a sexual need I can't wait until my sons birthdays she will be coming / invited and holidays is always a huge fily reunion from my husbands side. I only mentioned to my husband that she seemed athletic he replied with her being attracted to older woman and having woman all on her. That means I can get by maybe. But I'm married happily she's 18 now an adult I think I'm willing to cheat just for a sexual need from her I get wet when she's around this weekend we had a pool party she was there I couldn't help but notice her like always her perfectly formed and and muscles well toned it drives me crazy ...

Sep 7, 2014

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  • I don't have any advice for you Hon. This is how us men feel about all you sexy women out there. Same dilemma!

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