Love my Brother-in-law

We had a great thing going. We lived close to each other so we were always hanging out and doing things together with the kids. He was always a gentleman and a fun loving father. I think that is one of the main reasons I became so attracted to him. Our families lived together during some tough times. One morning I woke up early and went to make coffee for everyone. His family was asleep in the living room. It was a bit chilly and his blanket had come off, so I went over to cover him back up. As I got close I noticed he had a huge erection, completely disproportionate to his body size and the largest and thickest one I have ever seen. I could not help but stair at it. I grabbed the blanket and covered only his muscular chest, leaving the erection in his boxer shorts exposed, knowing my husband would be up soon. My husband, was a big man but, average to small down there, making him look disproportionate and extremely small down there. I went about making my coffee and waiting for my husband to come get his. I watched as my husband came in and noticed the same thing I did. He went over, starred for what seemed to be a minute, then covered him up. He must have felt that it was still too noticeable because he grabbed another blanket, bunched it up and covered him up more. Later that day my husband found them a place to rent! Lol. I so wanted to see, feel and touch the whole thing! Oddly enough, in the days after seeing it, our s** lives got a lot better. I was h**** and I think my husband was trying to make himself feel like more of a man. They moved out, years went by and we became closer and I found myself flirting with him more and more. I could not get that image out of my head and I'm sure he caught me looking at his crotch more than once. We were staying over for a long weekend and found ourselves watching TV, alone on the couch. It was kind of chilly so we got close but not too cuddly. It was close enough to make my heart race and feel like a teen again. Our hands slowly started to touch, then the fondling started! He went down on me and made me want to scream. Finally we made love and I got to feel what it was like to be completely filled! So much so that I had to be careful so he would not hit my cervix and cause a shooting pain. It was by far the best s** I ever had. To make a long story, short. This destroyed my marriage and of some reason, that I will never understand, did not ruin his marriage. Apparently, if you are well hung, your wife can forgive.


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  • F*** off you stupid subhuman c***.

  • So you are now divorced? did you get pregnant,get caught or how did it destroy your marriage? Would you consider being his life long lover on the side?

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