I Don't Have An Appetite Anymore

I don't like to eat anymore. I just don't want to and I end up falling asleep when I get home from school. Its the end of the night and I ate half a Cinnamon bun and two pop tarts. I just finished a can of Mountain Dew. Other than that, I don't really eat. I don't do it to get skinny I don't really care how I look, but I just can't eat. My stomach may want food, but I don't. I haven't ate much in the past two or three weeks. I don't think this is considered anorexia, but how should I know. I'm too sad to eat anymore and I hope I don't get sent to the psychiatric hospital again. Those places are scary and they just make sure you don't kill yourself there. So technically, they don't really care to help you even though it's their job. Well that's my confession, I don't like to eat anymore and even though it's been making me sick, I don't care enough to try and fix it.

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  • Sounds like you are clinically depressed. You should see a psychiatrist and get on an antidepressant; you'd be surprised how good you will feel when your neurotransmitters are normalized. i know;; I was in your shoes a few years ago.

  • You need good HEALTHY food. That s***** food is effecting your brain, your appetite and your mood cause it's NOT the food your body needs to function properly at it's full potential. What you put into your body effects everything inside. ITS SIMPLE If it's good food you give yourself, you will feel good. If you feed yourself bad food, you will feel bad.

    Your body is more important than you think.
    Your body is going into a defense mode cause you have been feeding it so much s***** food and drinks like soda and poptarts and not giving what your body need to work that its lowering it's appetite. It's telling you to stop feeding it that bad food.

    Go on a diet. And not the kind of diet where you think diet means eating less s***** food. Consider juicing. And don't be that kind of person that says after a week "eating healthy is not working for me" and you go back to eating s*****. Stick with it. Your behavior, energy level and mood will change.

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