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So my roommate confesses he is in love with me. It's not mutual. By ANY means. What p***** me off about it is everyone's like, "Awww, give him a chance." What? F*** no. If the feelings aren't there for him, they're NOT THERE. It's not my job to accomodate his feelings. Besides that, I'm not even in the place for a relationship, emotionally. Is that fair to him? And excuse me, what about what I want for myself? I have to put all that aside for him? I have to detour my path in life suddenly because someone pronounces their love for me out of nowhere? Bullshit! I pay my rent and other bills. Him, I don't owe a f****** thing! Affections from one to another are given BY CHOICE. He is not my choice. A relationship with ANYBODY is completely OFF the table altogether to begin with. And for that matter, how many guys have to give a chick they have zero interest in a chance? None. So get off my case, stop expecting me to defer and give this guy a slap on the back for dodging a bullet at least. There's nothing worse than waiting on or insisting on love from someone who doesn't even look at you that way. This whole stupid mindset, this "you're obligated to return the affections of someone who likes/loves you" is bullcrap. It's what turns men AND women into crazy psycho stalkers. Enough of it. Damn people. So life isn't a Disney movie. Get over it, grow the f*** up.

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  • It's true that life is not a Disney movie. And sometimes who you're looking for or who you like isn't looking for you or doesn't like you back. You don't have to date this guy. Sometimes love happens when you're not looking for it. That's probably why people are saying to give the guy a chance because you just never know. But you don't have to do anything. But you should show consideration because even if you don't like him in the same way, it took a lot of courage for him to say anything to you.

  • I assume that when he confessed you gave him the whole 'I only like you as a friend' speech and he's not likely to tell everyone how he got shot down so I can only conclude YOU'RE the one telling everyone about this. If you want everyone to stop bugging you about it stop telling them. Seriously, how would you like it if a guy shot you down and then told all his buddies how this 'loser' chick was hitting on him? The classy thing to do is just act like it never happened.

  • No,seems everyone knew BUT me. I get that everyone sees him as the 'nice guy' but that doesn't give him the automatic guarantee or right to a relationship. If he's so great, then let my friends date him.

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