Wife sharing

I sent my wife some sexually graphic emails on her personal email at work regarding her having extramarital s** with other men, black men in particular. Some graphic pictures, vids, some stories, some narratives involving her, encouraging her to play and experiment. Whether She accidentally had it on always on(she says), or left it open for a male coworker to see intentionally, he mentioned to her he saw it, SO he knows I'm in favor,... and has made it known he's very interested. She told me all about it of course, and everything he says. He even invited her to go away with him for a weekend to Vegas knowing what that would entail. She told me she declined, as apparently he seems a bit too immature for her tastes. Too bad, I had hopes, and I don't mind sharing...This isn't the first time she's been propositioned at work by men in all her jobs, and probably won't be the last. Mebbe one day.....

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  • Yeah, we know, cuckold, sister loving, belly growl. You must pride yourself on your imagination, considering this is all you can write about.

  • I don't understand you losers.

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