Arousal help

Hi, im an 18 year old girl i just turned 18 last month and i woke up to a strange tingly feeling so i figured it was just because i was h**** so i got myself off but the tingling feeling came back about 30 seconds after my first o***** and its been all day i cant take it anymore if i dont get myself off it starts to feel like an extremely bad 'itch' with loud moaning thats incredibly embarrassing ive gotten myself off about 45 times today and i know alot of guy would think this is attractive but its more like torture everything sets it off especially the washing machine PLEASE leave serious suggestions/help. jen

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  • Thank you for the kind comment and i had a few tests done today only thing i can do is take the meds given to me and to stay away from appliances like washing machines and electric toothbrushes, its a pain in the ass there are so many triggers. I got in contact with a few people today who have the same condition and its so much harder for them because theyve had it longer and for the guys that wanna know how it feels for me its like slamming your hand in a car door repeatedly without it ever healing. -jen

  • Hey Jen ... I didn't know your condition was a real thing until I Googled it after I saw your post. It sounds like it's awful to deal with! It's too bad so many haters think it's a sexual thing, when it isn't really. Good luck to you ... I hope everything turns out well for you.

  • So your calling me a w**** for something i have NO control over its not something i asked for so why dont you stop bothering me and go bother someone else. -jen

  • Fake as f***.

  • Please dont post hate. -jen

  • Make you a deal. I'll stop hating if you stop whoring.

  • trashy ho

  • I tried exercising today and it was a struggle when i tried jogging the meds my doctors have me on seem to be working not completely but its better then it was he told me that it rarely happens to girls in their teens but rarely happens to women in their 30's/40's i have more doctors appointments on monday. jen

  • Yes it does happen rarely to both groups. I SAID POST MENOPAUSAL. Oh, and The average age for menopause is in the early 50's, not in the 30's or 40's. Your doctor doesn't know the average age of menopause? I'd switch doctors then.

  • Amazing you have a disease that targets mainly post menopausal women who have had hormone treatments.

  • When I went on a diet my body responded to the reduced caloric intake by reducing my s** drive. I have no idea if it works that way for everyone but it's worth trying.

  • At your age, you should have an OB-GYN and if you don't you need to get one. And then go see him or her. Like, TODAY. This is not a sexual thing, it's a physical thing. GO TO THE DOCTOR.

  • She did. Read her reply to a previous comment.

  • Your condition will attract a lot of the wrong sorts of guys. I suggest keeping it to yourself, as much as you can, at least until he's had a chance to get to know you as a person. That way he'll have some respect for you and be supportive rather than taking advantage of your vulnerability.

  • Why are you posting hate on my post im not looking for any negative attention im just looking for serious help and suggestions please dont post hatred on my post. jen

  • One thing that helps is not being full of s***.

  • Another thing that helps is to stop being a w****. You have a STI, dumb-ass.

  • Yes im serious about my problem and it was tough to explain to my family and no, im not sexually active i went to my doctor today and i was sent to a specialist it was incredibly awkward to explain so they ran a few tests they told me i have persistent genital arousal disorder its treatable with meds but no cure they have me on a number of meds its was so weird sitting in the waiting room fidgeting constantly on the edge of an or*asm, ive tried contacting people who have the same problem im hoping to hear from them soon. jen

  • I am not sure if your serious or not but you are I do have some experience with this. It's a odd or awkward issue to comment on having a daughter but I raised her and am a single parent. When my daughter became a teen and I noticed certain things I went to a female co worker who was a close friend of mine and asked her to talk to my daughter about girl things like this. I would probably say it may be beneficial to speak to an older sibling who is a female or older friend that you can confide in maybe..?

    I'd assume your not sexually active and this is a good thing but rare however that is what is probably causing the itch so to speak.

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