Jelously and Tired

I am newly married and we dated for a good 4 years. I know my husband loves me and I love him, but he has so many health issues and they make the easy normal things h****** him. He has bad body pain and it hurts him to hold my hand.. On our wedding day after we spoke our vows he told me that he felt nothing. He didn't feel happy that we were married and he didn't feel emotionally there at all.. He hardly talks to me its come to be the same thing every day "No you cant do that." "How are you." and odd "I love you" but he will talk to his ex on his phone for hours through text. Honestly I feel jealous and I shouldn't. I have been finding every excuse to be out of the house because of this.. I know I shouldn't feel this way but things were different between us until the day of our marriage. I just am feeling drained and mentally exhausted. I honestly don't know what to do because every time I bring up my feelings it turns into an argument and a "You have no right to feel that way." Im starting to think that this relationship is not worth the emotional pain I feel daily. I need advice and have no one to go to. Marriage consoling is out of the question because you have to have two willing people.. but I am the only one willing to go.

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  • Would like to know why the queen uk said she wants meghans father in a dark place before meeting him and the wedding, given that was the name of a book about the haunting in Connecticut that was also effecting my house after I watched the documentary on it last year I wrote about it in and it was a real event of some strange demonic activity after watching the doco the first time. I don't appreciate this queen woman trying to abuse me. I don't really care if she wishes to abuse meghans family but I do object to her abusing me and my family as she is way off beam to harm me ever again old lady. I respect you but I will not tolerate you abusing me queeny and as i am getting into my 40s I disrespect you and your institution more and more each day and the hypocritical acts you and the whole royal establishment are about. stop abusing our family with your witchcraft. if meghans father is doing witchcraft or her mother or her she will have to answer to that. and that is not a good way to start a marriage and she will suffer for it. stop abusing us. i don't have to like you.

  • I really live how this site will censor the word on if it comes after hard.




  • Ordem.

  • "They make easy things h****** him."

  • Ordem

  • You have every right to feel jealous and hurt. He shouldn't talking to his ex. He has no problems sharing his feelings with his ex. If he can talk to his ex about his problems, then he can talk to a marriage counselor. Otherwise, the writing is on the wall. And him saying to you "No you can't do that" is not okay even if he wasn't in any pain..He actually sounds like a giant pain in the ass. What changed since you got married? You had to have known he was like this. This marriage may not be able to be saved. Sad, but true..You may want to file for divorce and walk. If you don't do it now, then you will waste years of your life in a dead end marriage. Do not compromise what you want out of life for a man who doesn't share your same ideals. If you bring this up to him and he says he'll change. Then hold him to it. If he fails or reverts back to his old know what to do. However, the same goes for you too. It does take two. So work on whatever you need to work on. Hopefully it does work out, whatever that looks like for you both.

  • I totally agree. His behaviour is totally unacceptable - aside from being an arsehole by saying he felt nothing on his wedding day, telling you you're wrong for feelings things etc, that's not what you do to someone you love.

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