Cheat a cheater

Today I had s** with some ugly fat virgin just to get back at my wife and to be honest I was bored I had to teach her EVERY THING at least she was obediant and I thought her how to give a good bj and I came twice once in her mouth... I FEEL NOTHING NOT GUILTY NOT HAPPY IT WAS A WASTE OF TIME maybe if she was attractive and responsive oh well... next life time?

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  • I have a mistress that's a BBW in her 40s and she was inexperienced when we first started going out, and to be honest she's still not very good, but G******* she is hungry as h*** for the d*** and will call and beg me to come over and she will never tell me no. It doesn't matter how filthy or degrading or humiliating it is, if I want it, the nasty b**** gives it to me. I've done things to her that my wife would never permit and it's hot as h*** to have her as my mistress. My friends say I need to get somebody a lot thinner and a lot younger but I prefer nastier and this b**** is nastier. I say go back to that b**** you f***** and keep f****** her. It's a good way to keep your wife in line and in check because she will know that the BBW will ALWAYS take you in and f*** you.

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