Good morning Cat
i try my best not to think of you too often
to not tease myself with such dreams.
but sometimes i can’t control it.
i wonder what it would be like…
to have those beautiful eyes stare into me
to have those lips touch against mine
to have you write a poem about me or for me
to have your head lay against my chest and feel your breathing
to have your hands run through my hair and grab the back of my head
as i kiss and lick you into endless spasms
to hold you close to me as we dance to beautiful songs and rhythm
to thank god every day to be with you
i see you write poems about others and i wish they were about me
i know I couldn’t stop all the sadness in your life but
wishing i could be there and support you
i wish Cat. i dream.
i hope you have a wonderful day.
seeing your face and reading your words brings such light to my world
even in my darkest times.

Oct 20, 2014

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  • Is this written for Ariana Grande?

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