I miss the h*** out of my girlfriend. We didn't date for very long at all, only about 4 1/2 months, and that's chump change and I know it. But we had a connection before we were dating and it culminated into the best relationship of my life. She had just been cheated on and I had been there for her the whole way there. But I'm a self hating bipolar and she ended up leaving me because my emotions were too overwhelming. Cut to now while she tells me we'll date sometime in the future, yet she doesn't EVER hit me up first, and she refuses to have any real conversations with me. It's infuriating. At this point, I don't know what I want. On one hand, I really, really miss her. She's a great person. But on the other hand, she abandoned me when I needed her, and has treated me pretty poorly since then. I really don't know what to do, and I need(ed) to vent. I don't have anyone I can actually talk about this s*** with.

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  • I'm 45. From experience I can tell you that most women nowadays are not worth the commitment. They grow up listening to and absorbing all kinds of garbage about how things should be with men and they have it all wrong. The "modern" woman acts like a w**** and then asks you for respect, she spends years having s** with guy after guy (most of which are pieces of s**t that offer her nothing) and then demands your commitment and love, she believes that men and women are equal in everything but she expects you to behave like her submissive child. I agree with the poster who suggests saving your money. I would only add that you should save yourself the time and effort as well. In this case, she doesn't even seem to really care about you. Have a little self-respect. If you truly want to invest yourself in someone, look for a woman who doesn't have crap in her head and who values herself as more than just a masturbatory object for h**** men. There are still many out there. You just have to know where to look. Otherwise, you will be better off by yourself. Believe me. You will always find women who are willing to make you happy in the bed department without expecting anything in return.

  • Women are f****** nuts, dude. And they only get more nuts as they get old and cranky.

    Save your money, buy an escort when you want to blow a nut.

  • Some times when people have mental problems others do not understand , so so they back away .
    You must of freaked her out for her to leave you . Maybe go see a
    theripst and go on meds. if your bipolar .

    Sounds like she doesn't want to hurt your feeling so she gives you false
    hope ,in hoping you will get back but she never really plans to she is just trying to avoid another outburst from you .

    My advice .. Go get help so the next time you meet someone special you won't scare them away . You will have your illness in check

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