Night Shift

I went to visit my girlfriend at work one night. She works as a nurse and was working the night shift so I was trying to be a good guy and stop by at around 2 am to bring her a cup of coffee and some snacks. The receptionist at the front desk tried to page my girlfriend but she did not answer so she let me back into the unit since I have been there many times before.

It was really quiet and I did not see anyone at the nurse's station or in the break room so I just left a note and the coffee in the break room for my girlfriend. As I was walking out I heard a low muffled moaning sound coming from a dark patient room. The door was slightly ajar and when I looked in, my girlfriend was straddling a young medical resident sitting in one of the visitor's chairs and her ass was bouncing up and down on his d***. His pants were down around his ankles and her scrub pants were on the patient bed. They both had their tops on I guess in case they needed to get dressed quick but seeing as they didn't even shut the door I don't think they were too concerned. It did not look like anyone else was working that night either.

I came in at the end of their f****** as I was only watching for a few minutes before he e********* inside her. I was really jealous and super hard at the same time watching her beautiful ass and p**** work his d*** so when she got home early that morning I f***** her harder than usual and had a really strong o*****. I am not going to tell her what I saw and maybe try to catch her doing it again.

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  • Coax her into a 3some first and then ask her to either bring or allow another chick in the play. Mix them and have fun

  • I worked night shift at the police department. we were told to get off the road after 4 am. I found two black women who worked at the nursing home. I spent a lot of time between those nice legs. One of them told me she was worried she was pregnant. But it turned out nto to be.
    Did the dispatcher and three secretaries on night shift. One secretary wanted to do it in the front seat of the polcie car. I made that happen. she got in my lap and got it on.

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