I think I'm falling for him

I met this amazing guy online and he's 8 years older and we are really good friends and we hang out 2 to 3 times almost every week. He's going through his 2nd divorce and has a 4 year old son. He's told me before that he is not looking for anything serious right now and I told him I felt the same... I lied. I really like him and I wish he would change his mind and just be with me. I'm hanging around in hopes that he will eventually change his mind and decide he wants to be with me. He's told me before that he really liked me and we kissed the last time we hung out but things have not been the same since then. I'm kind of hoping that we kiss again the next time we hang out, there's a lot of chemistry between us. What should I do? Hang around and wait or move on?

Oct 12, 2013

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  • He's telling you what he wants.. "nothing serious". You met this guy online... Are you certain he's going through a divorce? or is that just what he's told you? Can never know or be too careful these days. Don't hang around hoping.. Live your life. If something is meant to happen it will. But if you make it too easy for this guy, there is no reason for it to progress into something more serious, because that is what you want. Don't wait. Sounds like you already like him, but be careful how much you compromise your life to meet his current needs. Keeping it casual, date other people. Don't invest too much of your heart and you won't get hurt.

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