Desire to be sexually satisfied by my mom

A little about me first: I'm a 20 year old fellow. I'm not a virgin. I had s** about fifty times with two girls since I was 16. I no longer interact with them. I used to m********* frequently, but I stopped 2 months ago as an experiment. I don't want to start this habit again.
The Odeipus Complex that I had as a child has come back for revenge three days ago. The difference is that this time, I am ready to act upon my desire. I don't want s** per say, I would be fine with just a handjob.
My relationship with my mom is a typical spoiled brat and slave one. She does everything for me even though most of the time I treat her like garbage and don't show gratitude. She has raised me on her own because father left when I was a baby and from what I can tell, she has no interest in me sexually.
I've devised a guide with mutiple steps that could guarantee me a higher chance of reaching my goal. The main step is becoming the best son ever, helping her with her work and such, so that she feels like she owes me something special. Another step is spending time with her talking and increasing phyical contact, of which there is none at the moment (-hugs, kisses, massages). The process could take up to a month. It sounds like a good deal to me: be a model son in exchange for the occasional handjob and maybe more.
I've read hours upon hours of mom-son related sexual questions and issues, but I have not seen one convincing argument as to why I should not do this, other than the chance of being thrown out, but I am willing to accept that risk. What I expect from people reading is to give me actual good reasons as to why pursuing this desire is wrong c:

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  • Actually I think it is natural for a child, in a part of their growth to feel sexually attracted to a parent of the opposite gender. Because u had said ur dad was not around, this might have become more defined than otherwise if that makes sense
    I think u should still be a good son and keep that ulterior motive in check.
    Consequences can be more than just being kicked out and considering this is just a phase, consider carefully.

  • H*** no she has no sexual interest in you. Why would a woman want to f*** her own son? Man I'd seek psychiatric help if I were you. You're sick.

  • Be cause he has a d***. Mom & son makes amazing relationship sextually

  • Just dont rush too fast, would spread it out to 2 months as to let her get use to to you being good, may be extra work but if pay off is her playing with your d***, no down side

  • Your messed up dude go back to masturbation you creep

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