Everyone in my life has an easier time getting laid than me

I can't understand how people getting laid works. I've had ** a bunch of times, several different partners, some of them I was with for a year or so, but that was all before the pandemic or within the first week of it. I've had two different sexual encounters with women since then and neither of them were particularly rewarding, and both were difficult to procure. Tonight, all signs pointed to a foursome between me, my roommate, a girl I hung out with today, and her roommate, and somehow two of them are ** and it's not me and the girl I'm into. I just clearly ** don't get it anymore. It's so endlessly depressing to try and try and try again and ** fail. I just want to ** something other than my hand. Even just cuddling with something besides my cat would be so nice.

Everything else about my life is in order, according to the customs of our society. But I can't get laid no matter what I ** do. I have a full time job. I have an apartment with a roommate that isn't my mother or other relative. I have a pet I take care of competently by myself. I have good hygiene - I shower daily and brush my teeth - and I have hobbies. I'm a decent conversation partner. But there is clearly something vastly unappealing about me. I guess I'll never know, though, because no one who turns you down feels any need to inform you as to why. And I guess I get that, i just wish it wasn't so because I'm so lost.

Guess it's whatever, though. I have no other option at this point but to continue impotently failing at ** actual women and to sadly succeed at nights with my hand and increasingly more weird **.

** my life, man. What's the ** point of this ** if you're repellent to everyone you'd ever want to be romantically or sexually involved with?

Jun 1

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