I know you don't get it

I know you don't get it, mom. But I'm changing the legacy of this family. I am tired of your "nothing's possible, life is s***" attitude. Do you understand that poverty has nothing to do with money? It's a mindset. It all starts with your attitude, your ideas, your willingness to KNOW your success, regardless of what's staring you in the face. The habit of talking yourself out of what you want and all the reasons something can't happen for you? That is YOUR habit. It is not mine and it certainly is not and will NOT be my sons'. So STOP. STOP. You're not going to talk them out of what they want for themselves. You are NOT going to convince them that life is only for "some" people. They've been around me too long-- AND, if I, as their mother, don't feel I have the right to kick their dreams out from under them, where the h*** do you get off? You know, they find you rather ridiculous. These boys have been raised understanding THEY ARE CAPABLE. To go after what they want and to NEVER let that vision of their success leave their mind. Look at all they have done at the ages of 17 and 21. They are happy, secure, confident boys making their way in the world. Neither is holding his hand out to ANYONE. Yet, you STILL want them to toss it all aside to get some factory or office job. Sorry, no. I know that would make you feel better but they did not come here to make you feel better in your lack of faith. Quite the opposite. They came to live well and inspire. They inspire me every day! I am so proud of them! So proud! Doesn't knowing they are TRULY LIVING make you happy? It should. And if you can't be or feel threatened by it, that doesn't mean run around and try to convince everyone to give up and come sit in the shitpit with you. That may be your comfort zone but it's not theirs. I made sure of that.

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  • Way to go! Your mom definitely sounds like she is stuck in a time warp or maybe is so unhappy with her own life choices, she is unable to support or be happy for anyone else. Your mom most likely grew up in the age where if you go to college and/or get one job and you have that for the rest of your life. And that was very true for a lot of our parents who are now in their 70s-80's. And then the world changed and it became one career, many jobs. And now it's many careers and many jobs. It's awesome that you have inspired and encouraged your sons to dream bigger than they are. No matter how old we are, it's important to never get discouraged. That the world is full of possibilities, even when you feel like you've run out of options. You have to keep moving forward. And it's awesome that they have you on their side supporting and rooting them on.

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