Wowww Coachella sounds like so much fun. Not. A bunch of aging hipsters listening to Guns N Posers and checking out who they wanna f*** next. Fun. It sounds so.. Boring and predictable. Bring back Lollapaloozas, the first two were great! Anyways, I haven't smoked crack in two nights. I feel pretty good about that, but was looking around the area where I usually smoke it's area. I found some little rocks, but threw them out. Hey, I'm trying, ya know? My Coke habit is thru the roof though... Everyday I wake up, my nose is caked with snot, and I have to use Neilmed to rinse it out! I use two saline packets now. Yucko! So my bday was over the weekend. No call from mum. She is such a selfish person. I went from rags to money, but before that, was s*** poor for four years! I had no food or money, and asked for 100$ which she did not give me. Excuses. She got tons of money after she divorced my hardworking father, but gambled a lot of it away. Now that's a drug habit in itself! I did nothing to her; she's just p***** and jealous that I have money now, and am doing something with my life. My Dad died over the summer, amongst other bad things happening, and I was in a deep depression last week. My place was a wreck, and so was I. I tried to quit Coke but am not ready to yet. I get soooo much accomplished with it. I also have a legal Adderall script that is priceless. See, I have bipolar & manic depression, and can not function properly without "help." I've had such a f***** up life that I get suicidal sometimes (I'm a girl), not that it matters. I lost a ton of weight n feel great! I also love my vegetarian diet, which I've had for many, many years. Politics sucks! The candidates have only one agenda in my opinion--to gain personal power. They don't care about you and me. Look what Osama bin Obama did. He promised change, change, and more change, and look at the outcome. Tired! Trump is insane!! We might face another world war if he is elected! He scares me greatly. Anyways, that's it for now. Overall, I feel pretty good lately. I've made up my mind to be a success the best way I know how. I'm not perfect, but am going to stay spiritual and try to press on and be a strong woman in the face of adversity. I woke up at six pm last night, and a still up doing some work! Crazy? Absolutely! But that's me!

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  • I once itched my bum and sniffed my finger.
    Don't know why.
    I just did.

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