I am addicted to masturbation.I can't think beyond this sometimes.It make me sick.I feel very bad after masturbating.I have tried many times to leave this bad habit but could not leave it.FInally i am writing it down,so that i can get rid of this bad habit.This habit makes me feel very guilty.I also want to live life to it s fullest and to live a happy life.
I promise myself that i am not going to m********* again in my life.
I know that its hard thing to do but i have a belife that i will be successful.Please make a wish for me!

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  • Let's all get together and circlejerk and f*********. There are 100's of us compulsive masturbators here. Anyone around LosAngeles? Why m********* when you don't have to? Craigslist for s**. You can get anything you want- handjobs, footjobs, oral, a***, vaginal, men, women, almost women /adult teen (!), trans, and you can get it nightly. You can have regulars or something new every night. When I'm not masturbating, I find what I need on Craigslist. Looking forward to your post. H***, I'm a guy, not gay, but would still find it fun to j*** with you. Let's do it.

  • if you get blisters on your d*** you might be doing it too much, otherwise U R OK

  • Oh just stop trying to stop. You can't. Your compulsions are driven by positive reinforcement. It's slowly become strong pattering behavior. Your brain expects it now, while your social situation thinks it knows better. Hormones and latent sexual frustration will always win.

    You've tried this a dozen times already.. remember?

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