I didn't deserve what you did to

I didn't deserve what you did to me.

All I ever did was treat you well, put your interests ahead of mine and sit through boring afternoons with your incredibly abnoxious family; all so that so we could continue being part of each others lives.

In any relationship i've been in that's broken down, there were obvious signs; arguments, sly digs, impatience, even cheating, but we didn't argue once. We'd never so much as raised our voice to each other in 2 years. I had finally found happiness. Then I helped you get the job of your dreams and I was no use to you anymore.

The breakup was enough of a shock with the lack of warning, but what followed was inexcusable. Suffice to say your attacks on me didn't work, you didn't manage to get me out of the company. All you managed to do was reveal the real 'you'.

Now it's my turn. Here is my confession. Within the next 2 weeks your life will be over. I am going to systematically tear down everything you hold dear. I know you wanted it to be kept a secret from your friends that you cheated on your ex to be with me, you are keeping it quiet from your new man that you pulled a guy in a bar 2 weeks ago, and lastly, you made a BIG mistake at work recently and you knew the rules! It's gross misconduct whichever way you look at it. I have little bits of information about you that are going to come out very shortly.

I am going to truly love watching you fall, I'm counting down the days.

The break up I can handle... the disrespect you will regret. I hope you'll forever see me laughing at you in your dreams.

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  • I think that you would be bringing soem really bad karma to yourself by seeking revenge on your ex. I know when I get angry at someone, I feel like I want to ruin their lives, but usually people like that get what they deserve without any intervention.

  • I'll keep you posted dude, and sorry to hear about your story. Your ex sounds like just the same type of girl as my ex is. Cold and calculating, in some ways though you are better off letting her get her teeth into some other poor unsuspecting guy. I suppose the phrase "better off without her" is truer now more than ever.

    Luckily this girl didn't manage to get me out, I didn't even get disciplined in the end. The intent was still there though and she really deserves to pay. If I was in your position now i'd try to find something on her and use it to your advantage. To be fair, when men do something wrong lots of women take revenge (and rightly so sometimes) and i'd say it's ok to make someone pay for what they've done to you. If you still have any naked pics/vids of her there is always xtube.com!

    I created an anonymous hotmail account, and have already e-mailed her new BF and friend. Her new guy dumped her on the spot and she is literally in pieces. Don't think the thing with her friend bothered her as much tho. Oh well. Part of me feels a bit bad.... she was a complete mess at work on Friday... but then another part of me says "No, she was horrible to you".

    I've got an appointment with HR on Wednesday so I can tip them off about her little professional mishap. If I'm there while she gets escorted from the building I might just blow her a kiss to really put the boot in.

  • Dude I got fired from I job I loved because a younger woman said i touched her when I was giving her a ride home from a company party. I never did. I was stupid for putting myself in a position that would allow for such an accusation. No one at the site I worked with believed it happened and it didn't. The HR department thought it would be easier to trump up charges unrelated to the incident to fire me then face a harrasment suit. Two years later I have a good job but I have never been able to shake the feeling that somewhere in the world someone questions my integrity and believes I am capible of doing the things she accused me of. Now I hear that she has my old job. I have never been a vengeful person but I would love to get back at her somehow, but I can't. So, for all the guys out there that have been accused of doing something and being thrown under the bus just because of our gender I say go for it! I will live vicariously through you. Keep us updated!

  • Yeah perhaps we should have shouted at each other to feel better if things were p****** us off. Still, it broke down and that happens sometimes. I don't hate her for the break up, I hate her for her actions since then. It's been non stop attack after attack and I really didn't deserve that at all.

    Still, she'll pay, and in a sick way i'm going to love it. Smiles all round.

  • I know how this goes. Go for it.

  • The warning sign is that you never argued. That's not healthy, and it's not sincere. It means you hold resentments to yourself, quietly. Until they explode and it's over.

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