okay, so i have a boyfriend. i'm still

okay, so i have a boyfriend. i'm still pretty young at age 12 turning 13, so i still like other people. there's this one person that i know i shouldn't like, but it's just hard not to. i used to hate him, but now he just seems irresistible. he's super nice, but can be mean. usually he's nice though, to me at least. i'm not sure about other people, but i'm pretty sure he's nice to them too. my boyfriend, i've been liking him on and off for a while now. we've been together almost five months, and our relationship is going painfully slow. i'm dreadedly shy, and so is he, so we're not going to progress any time soon. this other guy though, he's very outgoing, and i'm hoping that'll push me into being that way too. the problem is, he's one of my boyfriend's really good friends. so i can't just start going out with him after/if i break up with my boyfriend. he seems like he's trying to help us progress, but i don't know if he's lying or not when he says it. i don't think my boyfriend's going to do it, but if he does, what do i do? he says he's going to kiss me, but i've never kissed a guy before. i have no experience, and i'm mortified. any suggestions on what to do?

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  • i wish i waited longer to. all i needed was a couple of months until i met a good guy. if your nervous, maybe experimenting with someone who is equally as shy and inexperienced is good. you can explore and learn together. He's not going to go round saying your a bad kisser (and face it; you pribably will be on your first kiss). I know that you want to join everyoneelse and start making out, but you may regret it. Stay with the boy that cares xoxo

  • oh sweetie dont sweat it if you dont want your first kiss to be with him dont feel bad by not doing it. i wish i would have siad no for my first kiss it wasnt special at all. if you like his friend some how find out if he likes you too.becuase maybe he is trying to be a good friend to your bf thats why hes trying to help. and yeah you are still young and shouldne be tired down by a drab relationship especailly at your age. just wait till you get to high school you will experience alot more with guys not physically i mean just in general. if your scared its ok. i was too my first kiss like actualy kiss was in the 8th grade. and i still wished i waited longer.

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