Another year, another tear

I confess that today is my 27th birthday. I've never earned anything in my life. I live in a house my grandparents paid off years ago and I use public transportation to get around. This wasn't the life I had planned for myself; It's depressing. I've been working non-stop for the past year and I don't have money in the bank. This is ALL my fault! I use to spend money as quickly as I got it because I knew I would get more the following week.

There's this guy who I was crushing on, who's 5 years my junior. I couldn't hang out with him as much as the other girl who liked him (she 6 years my junior). She had a car and she was in his face every chance she got. She was always over his house, going up to his job and on his phone line for hours at time. This caused me to be insecure in my pursuit of him. All I could do was talk on the phone and that gets boring real quick. Now their in a serious relationship. It hurts like **, but its my own fault. He hasn't called to wish me a happy birthday. Either he doesn't know or he doesn't care; it hurts either way.

I'm perfectly capable of changing my situation. Thank GOD. I'm just disappointed with myself. Had to get that off my chest

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  • Happy Birthday! There are lots of other guys out there in the world who would be happy to date you. And when a guy likes you you'll know, they will make it known. And it won't matter if you take public transportation or go over to his house all the time. Just because this guy didn't remember your birthday, don't let that spoil it for you. Here's to a new year, a new you and new crushes!

  • Happy Birthday. Change starts with you.

  • ^ Absolutely so ^.

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